Living in the Gray Area 07.01.17

Living in the Gray Area 07.01.17

Tonight from 4-6pm PST, Living in the Gray Area will be broadcasting LIVE out of Studio 1A, exclusively on FCC Free Radio. Download the TuneIn app to listen LIVE. There is a FREE and paid version of the app.

This specific broadcast is extra special. Your host, Ava Louelle, has invited Adam Knight, a local singer and Justin Bjur of Beloved Orion, to come by preform a bit of live music (don’t mind the sound issues… we had problems figuring out the levels) and share with all of us all they have in the works… This is Living in the Gray Area… so the conversation is bound to stray. There will be a great playlist, to fill in the breaks of conversation and live music.. don’t mind the mistakes… thats part of the fun. Ava is still getting used to this whole podcast thing…. its also the first time we’ve had them here with their equipment… next time will be much more succesful. This Yellow Brick Road is getting more and more exciting… Thanks for joining along!!!

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