Living in the Gray Area 07.29.17

Living in the Gray Area 07.29.17

Tonight from 4-6pm on FCCFreeRadio, Living in the Gray Area is broadcasting LIVE out of Studio 1A.  With Ava Louelle’s neck being all sorts of messed up, its been a long week, to say the very least. Her computer also decided to go out on her… Yea, that kind of week. Our playlist will be shorter and done off a tablet… So bear with us. Good thing we have local author, Ashley Drew, coming by to talk about her first book, catch us up on her life and what made her take a leap into writing. As many of you may know, Ava is an aspiring artist/writer, herself. So, the conversation should be good a good one. Most are, on Living in the Gray Area… Who we kidding? Thanks again for following us down this yellow brick road. A short hiatus may be coming up for Ava, while she deals with her Cervical Stenosis and herniated disk in her neck… Also… She’s going to be an Aunt for the first time!! Yay!!

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