Matthew Félix: Visiting Oakland & Biking in San Francisco

Sunday, 3/25, 2:00 – 4:00 Pacific
Live from Studio 1A

My first guest will be travel writer, editor, and proud Oaklander Jessie Fetterling. Jessie is a contributor to, Mother Earth News, The Press Democrat, Sonoma Magazine, and, amongst many others. She’s also author of 100 Things to Do in Oakland Before You Die. Jessie will give us a comprehensive crash course on the many reasons why crossing the Bay Bridge is wonderfully worthwhile, for locals and tourists alike.

In my second segment, I’ll talk with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Communications Director, Chris Cassidy. We’ll discuss the Coalition’s history, mission, and initiatives. Chris will also clue us into the the state of biking in San Francisco, including issues facing bikers and progress being made toward an increasingly bikable city–and world.

Best way to listen live (2:00 – 4:00 Pacific from Studio 1A) is on a phone. Download an app, and search for “fccfree”. Or, listen afterwards to the podcast!

PLEASE NOTE: Player shown below (under post) is NOT for the live show; it is for podcast that is posted after the live show is complete. For the live show, best way to listen is on a phone.

Overviews and links to previous shows here:

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