Not Safe For Work

1415005198259-2This week on Not Safe For Work I will attempt to tell the most recent story of me getting assaulted on the street in San Francisco, if my ultra secret co-host allows it.  We will avoid real topics like Eric Garner and instead talk about reality TV shows because that is what the world really needs.  Medical marijuana is making even more headway in the US, maybe I’ll get to talk about that.  Nothing is for sure on Not Safe For Work.  [Update:  Show starts 9 minutes late because trafuck, but Rory is even more late than me so I open with a rant.  Then I discover Sweet Gail has been listening in on the phone the whole time!  Rory shows up after the break.  And I have a great story about getting mugged for chicken nuggets.]

Listen live 6-8pm PST or catch the recorded podcast anytime for the next week.

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