Not Safe For Work

NSFW beansON this EPISODE of NOT safe FOR work.  SPENCER devine AND the USUAL super SECRET cohost MAYBE maybe MIGHT show UP!  we ARE rooting FOR him!  So that turned out annoying, but retyping it is also annoying.  This show should be less annoying if you like laughing, but if you hate comedy then you will be annoyed.  !!!!!  ?   What do you think of random punctuation? Call in (415) 829-2980 Tell me what you think of punctuation is it important.  [Update:  Starts 2min in because there are no lights in the studio!  Here two hairy men podcast from a dark room!  Technical issues abound!]

We are live in Studio A1 6-8pm PST
You can enjoy the recorded podcast for then next week!

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