Not Safe For Work – talk show for the socially inept

NSFW getyaThis week on Not Safe For Work myself and the Mystery Co-Host will discuss hot topics if the Mystery Co-Host shows up.  He is not really a mystery, it’s the same guy who has been co-hosting.  He just wants me to call him Mystery Co-Host because he is paranoid about his name being posted online in association with this show since I am determined to tell people the truth!  You can watch The Giants and listen to NSFW at the same time!  But if you are interested in this you probably don’t care about sports.  [Update:  skip 5min into podcast.  The Secret Cohost shows up around 14 minutes in.  At least I’m not the latest one.]

Live in Studio A1, Wed 6-8pm PST.  Or enjoy the recording any time.

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