The Little Brother Hour. 2nite on The Cool Lounge. 6-8 PM/2B

little brother2nite on The Cool Lounge, we’re lucky enough to have MightyL from The Boro DJs here in the studio. He’ll be spinning an hour of Little Brother music. He’s only returning the favor because last night I did an hour long set his show dedicated to Phonte. You wanna hear it? Click here.

Little Brother was an American hip hop group from Durham, North Carolina that consisted of rappers Phonte and Big Pooh (from 2001 to 2010), and DJ/producer 9th Wonder (from 2001 to 2007). The group produced four acclaimed studio albums and six mixtapes during their nine-year existence. Little Brother was highly regarded among fans and critics.

It’s all going down 2nite here in studio 2b!

Metal Groove Radio – Ancient Spell INVADES the bay and a BIG Jack Shaft show announcement !


                   METAL GROOVE RADIO

Metal Groove Radio will have a chat with one of our favorites, Conrad Viz of ANCIENT SPELL will swing by and chat about their upcoming tour next weekend through the bay area, we will rip a bunch of ultra heavy doom tracks from FOREVER IN HELL !!! we will also have a huge announcement for MGR’s own Jack Shaft headlining a HUGE gig at the Neck Of The Woods this upcoming thursday night, Imac and PJ just flew in from Las Vegas a few hours ago so this could get stupid !! It all happens live tonight from 6-8pm live in studio 1A. Call in at 415-829-2980/ go ahead and friend me on Facebook (PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!!!      \m/ \m/

STUDIO – 1A   6-8pm   SUNDAYS

Joy Elan and Yogi Paliwal – Second Verse, Same as the First – Here’s Why That’s Funny

tryingmybestjpgThe Doctor is feeling a bit under the weather so today will be a replay of last week’s historic episode featuring author Joy Elan and comedian Yogi Paliwal. If you didn’t have a moment to check out one of our most-listened episodes, now’s your chance. Yogi and I sit down and talk about comedy, his tour, and his new album “Yogi Paliwal: A Self Portrait”. Author Joy Elan sits down to talk about ratchetness, her daughter, and the art of poetry. It’s a really important episode, so I suggest you gather the family around the fireplace and take a listen.


Thanks again for making HWTF one of the top shows on FCCFREE, and we’ll be back next week with new content, new guests, and a new vibe (you’ll see what we mean.) Thank you so much for letting us into your homes and computers every Sunday and as always: We care about you, and we think you’re special. Seriously.



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Will the Real Cheryl White please stand up!?! On The Edge

Cheryl WhiteOn Today’s The Edge of Insanity in FCC Free Radio‘s studio 1A, 4-6pm. Paul Brumbaugh & Kitten Marie Clayman are joined by comedian Cheryl White or is it Cheryl White?! Will the Real Cheryl White please stand up!?! EdgeCrew Mistress Christine & Brandon Ray. The 420 SHOUTOUT! with Patrick Carlin where we dive into the Abyss. EdgeNewz with The Florida File. A new music segment entitled: ‪#‎KittenScatchFever‬ with Kitten’s Korner‘s private stash of tunes. Plenty of music and comedy along the way.

Call in to join in on the confusion at 415-829-2980 & feel free to download this & every webisode of The Edge!

Brumbaugh’s humor along with Kitten Marie & Mistress Christine’s unique perspective on the local comedy scene with a variety of interesting guests will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering where they may go next. Stayed tuned to keep your finger on the pulse of what people are already calling a road map to entertainment in The City! Ready to conquer the world & beyond, 1 Sunday at a time!

Sundays from 4 – 6pm
 Studio 1A

Lilycat on Stuff- Out of the closet come the OddFellows – take 2

zombie-cat-lilyHello Sweeties

For the next Sunday – We will talk to Peter Sellers of the OddFellow lodge and he wrote the book on the group. I am a member of this secret society called the OddFellows… But we have decided to be secret no more… Come listen in as the OddFellows come out of the closet and talk about their long history and interesting members …

Sundays – Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM

Bay Area Storytelling Festival 2015 Revisited

Read the rest of Bay Area Storytelling Festival 2015 Revisited »

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Tonight’s KCYX:RadioKill Show “Angst Bear’s HRI”

Even I’m having a hard time figuring out what those covers are?

Even I’m having a hard time figuring out what those covers are.

This week’s show is going to be another mild departure from the norm. Last week’s theme was music that Noivad thought you should hear. This week’s theme will be what’s on Angst Bear’s iPod Heavy Rotation list. Listening to the list now, I didn’t realize how much Drum and Bass there was this time around. Join us this week for a peek in AB’s iPod. Sat 11pm-1am EST (8–10PM Pacific). Send Angst Bear feedback on our Facebook page or at

B Side Mikey

BiteThis evening from 8-10pm (PST) on the B Side Mikey Show we are having another unique interview in the house with the band Bite. Chelsea Rose the lead singer of the band will join myself, “Sweet Kayla”, “Bart Man”, and Walter Morgan in Studio 1A as they will ask fantastic questions regarding the band, & I’ll rip out tracks for the masses to hear. Coming from the underground San Francisco scene, their unique style of “Punk & Roll has it’s roots in old-school punk rock acts. They rip chunks from the past & chomp down on the future in the music scene with great success over the years. You can also call us at 415-829-2980 to join this awesome evening with us if you choose. We will put you on the air! Thank you so much for the continued world wide support for the B Side Mikey Show folks, you’re appreciated everyday! \m/

THE BORO DJs SHOW: TurnTable Lab

BORODJS_WEB(900x900px)It’s the end of the month and the clinic is open. This week we have guest selectors: Renaissance from the Cool Lounge returning with soulful set and Fleezion making his debut on the wheels. The heat will be turned up as always. Dope sounds and commentary all around, here on the Boro. The party starts today @6pm(pst) in studio 2B on Swing through, pull up and vibe out with us.

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ear drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. Jazz to Punk, Soul to Salsa. Good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the Family as they embark on a funky ride. Saturday’s starting @6pm(pst) in studio 2B. Good vibes and dope sounds around. “We send you into the nite….RIGHT!”

FaceBook: The Boro

Twitter: @BoroDJs