Eddie Winters Day Off!


No show today, folks. Eddie returns next week with more chills thrills and spills…

Time to wax that miata!

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Fish Burps: Episode 61: Just Us League

fish-burps-61Dan Says: It’s just Doug and I tonight. Sara is sick, Vic is at Sea World, or water jail, as I like to think of it. I guess I don’t like to think of it that way but I do. Sea World seems like it’s better than a zoo because all of the captives have to move [swim] around or they’ll die but really, it’s just a zoo for fish. Anyways, no Vic, no Sara, just Doug and I trapped in a studio trying to fend for ourselves. Like a zoo, I guess, except that we don’t poop everywhere. But if we get bored enough….

Doug Says: How do I top that? let me count the ways. Um… well, we’re doing the show and it’s not going so well, as per, I’m typing on air, Dan is talking about clothes, we’re both missing Sara…

The program features humor (hopefully), adult language (definitely), intervals of Dan & Doug loving and/or hating one another, complaining, adult themes, adults discussing TV show theme songs,  and Sara rethinking her decision to be a part of this. Listener discretion advised. But, jeez, we’re not your mom. Live your life.

Two life long friends, Dan & Doug, who can barely stand one another wax moronic about their lives, the world and other pointless endeavors. Doug & Dan almost never agree on anything but one of them is always right. Through their very different lenses they will dissect everything and try to figure out what the hell is going on, as if it matters. There will be lively conversations about many topics (TBA), arguments, tiffs, petty bickering, friendship, special guests, not so special guests, intelligence and stupidity. Plus, Sara DeForest. Sara joined the podcast because Dan and Doug wanted a mediator. Turns out that she is more of an instigator, teaming up with one host or the other and encouraging more bickering. Sara also offers a “fresh” perspective, meaning that she hasn’t seen M*A*S*H and is the target for Dan & Doug’s complaints about Millennials. But don’t worry, she doesn’t regret her decision to join the podcast at all.   As their fan base grows, so will their power and influence. This will ultimately lead to an enormous fight [hopefully] on air about how to use their new found cache of cultural importance.  Sara will use her power to eliminate “throat fry’ in Millennial women, and god bless her for doing so. Doug will want to use it to get more beer; Dan will want to use it to find the absolutely best pair of pants for his body type. Have a listen before things go horribly wrong.


The Cool Lounge-2B-6-8 PM

1426900023509The Cool Lounge specializes in a wide variety of genre’s including Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indie and Classic Rock. TCL plays popular music but more than often you’ll find the best of the bay area’s underrated independent artists. Tune in weekly for a cool surprise. You might even catch a tribute to one of your favorite artists.

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METAL GROOVE RADIO – Ozzy’s Birthday and MORE ….. 12.4.16



After the BUSIEST month ever here at METAL GROOVE RADIO we will settle into a nice relaxing broadcast of 2 straight hours of the best heavy metal old and new ………. we will rip a bunch of OZZY OSBOURNE as yesterday was his 68th birthday, we will also be getting to some long overdue requests from a few of you GROOOVED-OUT METAL-HEADS and will chat with SECRET AGENT #308 ……. FOZE and IMAC will both be joining your host PJ BOSTON so its all good, we will relive IMAC’S night as bartender of the fccfreeradio christmas bash so LET’S ROLL !!! ……………. Go ahead and friend us on Facebook (@PJ Boston or Metal Groove Radio on facebook or pj_mgr on instagram) or drop a tweet @realpjboston. And thanks again so much for all the support – our fans keep us going – we love you all !!!! \m/ \m/



“Best(?)” of Here’s Why That’s Funny

HereswhynewposterIt’s a beautiful day in San Francisco, California, which is exactly one bay away from Oakland, California, the greatest city in the world. The City of Oakland is tough, resilient, and beautiful. As usual, we’ll get through this together.

Today’s show will feature some of our favorite interviews from Here’s Why That’s Funny’s past, including Mean Dave, Chad Opitz, and Mark Normand! And, as always, you can expect a fair share of good comedy curtesy of your “favorite(?)” podcasting host.

Download this and every episode of Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio and remember that we hella care about you, and we hella think you’re special. See you A’s fans at 2.


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The Unbound Sound Show!!!

phil_radioTonight on the mighty USS from 8-10pm in Studio 1A we’ll be bringing you some early X-Mas cheer and debuting some new music.

First up, our good pals Los Bastardos de Amor will be cruising by. They’ve got a brand new Christmas tune out so we’ll be playing that and a bunch of holiday tunes to get you in the mood. Plus, there’s no shortage of hi-jinks when they’re on the show.

Then, some more veterans of the show New Spell will be joining us. They’ve got a new single called “Never Change” that will be released this week so we’ll be playing that and a bunch of their other songs while catching up with what they’ve been up to.

Grab some egg nog, sit by the fire and enjoy!!!

What’s Really Happening?

lukeWelcome to another segment of “What’s Really Happening?? Today we talk about the world going crazy and Christmas.   Sebastian Vego will be my co host today. We will have the awesome band “The Wyatt Act”.  We will be joined by the most beautiful woman in comedy veronica Porras and Comic Terry Dorsey will be joining us also.  Amanda Rocks will be on the show talking about her brand new show she’s gonna be starting Wednesday . The one and only “Chrispy Chreme” will be joining us too. I don’t think I”ve ever known any other “Chrispy Chreme” I will probably play some music from “Dead Heavens” because they’re performing in the bay area tonight. I will also be wearing a shirt with the face of comedian Pete Munoz on it so  he will be joining us by shirt.

Lilycat on Stuff – Loving Christmas with Francesca Gentille

zombie-cat-lilyHello sweeties

This Sunday we will have the beautiful and bright – Francesca Gentille (Relationship Diva & goddess) to help us get our Christmas, love, lust, and like on… And the Whacky Xmas song will begin….


Sundays – Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 25 – 12.03.16



The DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM is remarkably broadcasting our 25th show tonight. Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH picked some gems from the first 24 broadcasts for a bit of a rewind. We may even broadcast an extended playlist as the annual www.fccfreeradio.com holiday party celebration takes place just outside STUDIO 1A’s door. It’s possible our humble little show will have some guests throughout the night. Surrounded by family, friends, loved ones, holiday merriment and such, it’s looking like a great night for some REGGAE MUSIC!!

Our schedules rarely allow us time to unwind and rejuvenate. If you miss our live show just follow the link to our archives – download our show, take a break from the rat race and listen to hours of the best Reggae available!!!! http://www.fccfreeradio.com/?s=DUBPLATE+SOUNDSYSTEM You can friend HUMBLE SELEKTAH or like the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM page on Facebook. Follow humble_selektah on Instagram and Twitter.

B Side Mikey Show / Boro DJ’s

img_2743Tonight will be completely different from the norm as it’s the annual Christmas Party at www.fccfreeradio.com studio’s (also my 2 year anniversary at the studio’s)!!  I will collaborate with Mighty L and his crew for a a straight funk/groove show so everyone can shake their ass during the later hours. From 6-10 PM in the world famous 2B is where it goes down for 4 awesome hours. We will cover some Digital Underground, George Clinton the Godfather of Funk, & some 2 Pac. So tune in live as this will be totally out of hand. I know all of you amazing “Blues Lovin, Stoner Rock, Metal Heads have some groove in that ass to shake around the world, so check this show. As always I thank you all for your support for 2 years & I appreciate everyone one of you!! Happy Holidays & Don’t Drink & Drive! \m/ \m/ \m/

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