Part 18: Classic R&B & Hip-hop w/Chiquita!

djbassFor part 18 of the New Bass-ment as announced Dj Bass 77 he will have special guest Chiquita!

She has made numerous appearances on The Bass-ment throughout the years as she makes a return on The New Bass-ment.

She is going to give you an update with her life since the last time she appeared on The Bass-ment which was a year & a half ago.

You’ll never know what to expect from her cause she is off her rocker at times.

Along with Chiquita, the first hour will have classic R&B & the 2nd hour will have classic Hip-hop.

So Tune in with Dj Bass 77 & Chiquita on Friday in studio 2B from 10a-12p pacific standard time.

If you miss the show don’t worry. Just download the podcast.


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