Comedy Day Radio

ComedyDay-LogoHosted By: John Miller and Barry Katzmann

September 1 2014 is live at 6 – 8pm

Studio 1A

4th Annual Comedy Day Radio Special

One Stage. Five Hours. 40 Comedians. A Million Laughs! Absolutely FREE! Don’t miss the 33rd Annual Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park and the 3rd Annual Comedy Day Labor Day Marathon on FCCFree Radio!

Meet the new crop of comedians who have never before graced the stage of this thirty-three year old San Francisco treat. Who are they? What are their expectations? How do they feel about working clean! This scintillating podcast will also reveal this year’s line up, as well as the Standup Comedy Legend Award Winner. Who will it be? Tune in a get the lowdown on everything Comedy Day. Fasten your seat belts! It’s not gonna be a bumpy ride, it’s gonna be a whirlwind of whimsy!


Comedy Day Radio Podcast

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