O.S.T Show

Host: Brian Baduske 

Mondays from 4pm – 6pm

Studio 1A

Brian Baduske aka Your Boy Brian who was born, raised and still lives in San Francisco. He is a sports fan fanatic who lives, breathes and has mad love for sports. Brian is very opinionated, outspoken and controversial. He has an extensive love and knowledge of sports and is always ready for the next great debate.With over 230 live shows under his belt, he brings his experience, but is still a student of the game. Are you ready? Lets GO! The Opinionated Sports Talk Show (The O.S.T. Show) Presents Debate Dispute Controversy w/ Your Boy Brian Listen, watch and get addicted. The show where your opinions matter and are heard. Where sports fans go to hear the most controversial and addictive sports talk show. Real sports talk show with no hold bars and anything goes.

The Opinionated Sports Talk Podcast 

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