Tongan Family Radio

Hosts: TP

Mondays from 8pm – 10pm

Studio 2b

The TP Tongan Family Radio Show airs every Monday evening from 8pm – 10pm PST (5pm – 7pm Tues in Tonga).  This is the first Tongan radio show broadcasted from San Francisco.  The “Tongan Hour” from 8pm – 9pm, our listeners will expect to hear music performed by Tongan musicians and we share you entertainment news, opinions and taboo topics to discuss in the Tongan community.  The “Slow Jam Hour” from 9pm – 10pm our listeners will expect a sample of my R&B slow jam playlist that I grew up with and also FREE concert ticket giveaways.  This show will educate our listeners by sharing you my talents as “The Entertainer from San Francisco” by providing our listeners snippets of my comedy, music and poetry with a Bay Area feel to it.  There is no filter as explicit language will be heard.  Parental discretion is advised.  TP is short for “TonganPassion.”  This is a throwback show by sharing you our childhood memories through music and having fun by expressing to our listeners how we function in our Tongan culture and in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Thank you for tuning in.  Ofa Lahi Atu.  Mate ma’a Tonga.

Tongan Family Radio Podcast 

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