The Neo Show

Host: Neo

Saturdays from 10am – 12pm

Studio 2b

Neo The original OG (OLD GAY) raised in the HOOD of San Francisco, a long time LGBTQ Samoan activist who organized the first Gay Samoans march for SF Pride in June 1982, eventually the group become U.T.O.P.I.A ( United Territories Of Pacific Islanders Alliance) in 1998
The Neo Podcast Show will have a wide range of topics from Fatherhood, Cooking (More so eating), Wellness facilitator, Comedy, Music from the 70s and todays Pop, R&B, and Pop culture. The show will feature special guest host, community leaders, millennials, ratchet folks, comedians, and an occasional politician.
Let’s get this party started. It’s about good energy, good conversations & BIG time ALOFA (LOVE)

The Neo Show Podcast 

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