Hosts: Jesse Rios

Sundays from 4pm – 6pm

Studio 2B

G.O.T.G. The show is a brianstorm brought to life. Dedicated to the mental and emotional stability of men and boys. Here you can discuss a variety of topics facing males, and the struggles they will encounter in life. And how to deal with those situations safely. We have to open the door to tough conversation and real resolution. Losing my mother at 3 years old, taught me a lot about life, kids and expectations. It has also taught me what young men need to do to be successful as I did not have those options. Hence the name G.O.T.G. (Genius of the ghetto). Pastors, kids and young adults, social activists,black feminists, politicians, city council members, school superintendents all welcome. Lessons, thoughts, concepts expressed will be that of my Great Granny Emma V. Gantt born in 1913. Don’t blame me G.O.T.G.

GOTG PodCast 

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