The Booth

Hosts: Rizal Mabuhay

Sundays from 8pm – 10pm

Studio 2b

The Booth was born in the mind of a lunatic circa 1998 on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. Strolling the beach and patronizing all of the interesting booths, a young man had the grand idea of opening a “Shitake Booth”. The vision was for $5, 5 minutes, a lounge chair for patrons to rest their feet, people watch and a whole lot of Shitake. If you can imagine this in your mind, and you love Shitake as I do… step into “The Booth”.

Rizal Mabuhay is a San Francisco native, born to musical pirates from exotic lands abroad. AKA: Young Mestizo the Mayor of the legendary underground Rap group TMCrew.
A legend in his own mind, Rizal is an International man of Mystery. Ill mannered, kind of read, kind of traveled and ridiculously opinionated, his penchant for having something to say about anything has been his calling card for decades. Father of three handsome and uniquely talented boys, Rizal can frequently be seen raising his voice in all directions, attempting to contain the collection of beasts that he has unleashed on the world.
Constantly seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding, are the three prominent reasons he thinks he knows everything. Love him, hate him, he does know some stuff and at times can actually make a point. Come see what’s poppin’ in The Booth.


The Booth Podcast 

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