Rocksteady Reggae

IMG_20140417_184229Hosted By: Sweet T and Elijah

Thursdays from 7 – 10pm

Studio 2B

Tanesha Harris aka “Sweet T” hosts the Rocksteady Reggae Show every Thursday 6-8pm. She is definitely not new to being on air, while co-hosting a reggae show she quickly was recognized as being “Sassy” which gave her the edge to personify how she presented the genre of music she so fell in love with to the world. In 2001, while sitting in her dorm room with a few friends she heard Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” album from beginning to end and that was her marriage to Reggae music. Since then she has been promoting Reggae shows and enjoying the vybz here in the Bay area. On the show you can expect Roots, Lovers Rock, Dub, & some Dancehall Reggae music, as well as special guests coming in and talking music and other topics.


Rocksteady Reggae Podcast

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