The Vinyl Thought

Hosted By: Joe Hughes and Yvette Fernandez

Thursdays from 4 – 6pm

Studio 1A

The Vinyl Thought radio show airs every Thursday evening from 4-6 pm PST (7-9 EST). Listeners can expect to hear some of the great ‘oldies’ from when vinyl records were the chosen source of entertainment with dancing around the juke box. Also, in between the great music, ‘The Vinyl Thought’ will be hosting some awesome guests in the entertainment industry, who will share upcoming projects and shows, and will also be having  candid discussions about the many conspiracies of the entertainment industry. They will be sharing some behind the scene stories  about the songs, artists and conspiracies such as; is Paul (McCartney) dead?.. Is Elvis alive?.. Was Kurt Cobain murdered? Some weekly guests will also include conspiracy theorists to give more feedback and thought on current topic. Hosted by Joe Hughes, who has been seen on TV commercials, shows, a documentary, and on several radio shows. He has also been performing and producing stand-up comedy shows the past several years across the U.S. and parts of Europe and Canada.


The Vinyl Thought

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