Light One PotCast

Hosted By: Tone Patron

Tuesdays from 8- 10pm

Studio 2B

The LightOne Potcast Show – a San Francisco based cannibus and culture show. Hosted by The LightOne himself Tone Patron, along with his co-host DJ Xquisite… The Lightone Potcast is a FCC Free Radio internet show about the flourishing culture of cannabis and the culture of our world in general.

Definition: Cannibus – (herb) Preparation of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug and medicine (Wikipedia)

Culture – Range of human phenomena that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance (Wikipedia)

Lightone Potcast – A show that combines educated and lighthearted conversation, stays rockin fresh music and frequently feature special and not so special)guests. This show will be a platform for the Bay Area’s voice to be expressed and heard through promotions/support of local businesses/start-ups and more. Guest Dj’s, various industry personalities, political figures, neighborhood folk, family and friends will be welcome to spread the love through knowledge.

Light One Potcast

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