Pub Crawl: Happy VD!

V dayThat’s right folks. Today is the day. What day? Well what day do you THINK it is? Why, of course, it’s the day we broadcast the Veteran’s Day special of ‘Pub Crawl’, the fastest growing program from the world’s largest internet radio station. We’ll be streaming live from 6-8 out of studio 2b tonight! Listen in and/or call in at (415) 655-9246 as Meredith, Spec, #1 fan Shira Lucky and a cornucopia of special guests discuss issues that nobody ever thinks about. You can always check out the podcast through the fccfreeradio homepage or TuneInRadio if you can’t join us tonight. C’mon and check it out. What have you got to lose? We’ll be here and, as always, we’ll save you a stool!

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