Pub Crawl: Harvest Moon Special!

moon 1What? No picture?! Must be the full moon’s influence! But, no matter. Harvesting Moon only rises once a year but our show arises once a week! That’s right. It’s time for a brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’, the fastest growing program from the world’s largest internet radio station. We’ll be streaming live tonight from 6-8 pm out of studio 2b. Be sure to join Meredith, Spec, Shira Lucky and special guests as we discuss all the crazy s**t that happens during a full moon and lots of other stuff. Enjoy by listening and/or calling in live at (415) 655-9246 or just check out the podcast through the fccfreeradio home page, Stitcher or TuneInRadio. We’ll be here and so should you. What have you got to lose? C’mon down, We’ll save you a stool!

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