Pub Crawl is on Hiatus Because America has a Birthday or Some Such

4th of JUly 2016Pub Crawl is on hiatus today because, if you’re one to believe history, apparently there was a little tiff between loyal tenant, America, and their tea-sipping, wig-wearing landlords, the Brits, a couple hundred years ago. America got tired of no taxation without representation and had had enough with spelling words with pretentious and unnecessary “u”s so America kicked their ass and now we eat hot dogs and throw fireworks at our redneck friends in the backyards of our trailer homes on July 4th.

“If you don’t listen to our rerun you’re a commie!”-Meredith Godfrey

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl- part bar, part radio show featuring Meredith “Bartender to the Stars” and everyone’s favorite idiots, malcontents and functioning alcoholics. The first half of the show is Sour Hour where we bitch and moan and hopefully figure it all out by Last Call. Just like all the best taverns we’ll be talking with interesting people from all walks of life- and ripping them to pieces when they leave. So bring your thirst for fun, grab a stool, and belly up to your speakers cuz we already set the bar… REAL low.

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