Pub Crawl: It’s a Dog Eat Cat Food World!

Kitty DogHey, wait a minute… that’s MY FOOD! Uh Ooh.. looks like kitty will have to do something else for dinner. What are YOU doing for dinner? Why not listen to us?! That’s right. It’s time for a brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’, the world’s fastest growing radio program from the world’s largest internet radio station. We’ll be streaming live 6-8 pm from studio 2b. C’mon and join Meredith, Spec and a plethora of special guests as we continue our search for truth, justice and the most absorbant kitty litter. Listen live, call in at (415)655-9246 or just check out the podcast at your leisure through the fccfreeradio homepage or TuneInRadio. All questions will be answered. See you there. We’ll save you a stool!

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