Pub Crawl: Let’s Hamm’s it Up!

Pub Crawl, September 5

You know, one of Pub Crawls’ most cherished fuzzy memories from the days of yore is good ‘ol American beer.  We’re not talking about any of that Big Three piss, we mean Real Piss.  Beers like Hamm’s, Olympia, Milwaukee’s Best, Schaefer, Schlitz, Lucky Lager, and, yeah, even Pabst before those wankin’ Hipsters took it over.   Back when each town had a beer- maybe not a beer to be proud of- but a beer to call its own.  Maybe Pub Crawl is just feeling a bit nostalgic, but we long for those old days before the starbuckisation (that might not be a word but you know what it means) of beer or these effing “craft beers” where everything is an acronym (eff you, IPA).  Anyway, now that that’s off our chest… We’re in San Francisco and it’s Fleet Week, so come on out,  find yourself a tight-pants-wearing sailor, buy ’em an Anchor Steam, and go with the flow.

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl: part bar, part radio show, parts unknown.  Featuring Meredith, our “Bartender to the Stars” and her gaggle of misfits, malcontents, ne’er do wells, functional (and not so functional) alcoholics and various drunk-dialers lookin’ for a good time.  Just like your local tavern, we’ll be talking to- and behind the backs of- interesting people from all walks of life, all while we pour drinks from our bottom-less fountain of genteel indignation.  So grab a stool and belly up ’cause the bar is set, low… REAL low.


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