Pub Crawl: Liars and Misers and Snares, Oh My!

WizNO. It’s NOT about the 1939 MGM blockbuster. It’s about people and the rotten things they do. That’s right… it’s time for a brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’ the fastest growing program from the largest internet radio station in the world! We’ll be streaming live tonight from 6-8 pm out of studio 2b. Listen in to Meredith, Spec and special guests Mike DiRubio (producer of  Greg Kihn’s upcoming Kihncert 2013) and comedian Kerim Harmanci as we discuss lairs, cheapskates, people who try to throw you under the bus and, of course, detail’s of the concert. Be a part by tuning in, calling in at (415) 655-9246, or just check out the podcast at your leisure through the fccfreeradio homepage or TuneInRadio. This one’s bound to be a winner so don’t miss out. C’mon we’ll be there and you should too. We’ll save you a stool!

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