Pub Crawl: Return of the Godfrey

africa MereShe’s back! So what did Meredith REALLY do for two weeks in Forida? IS she related to Brittany Godfrey? Does she have a LIFE? Well find out the answers to these and more inoquous questions by  tuning in to tonight’s brand new episode of ‘Pub Crawl’, the internet’s fastest growing radio program. We’ll be streaming live tonight from studio 2b 6-8 pm. Welcome Meredith back as she teams up with Spec, The Great One and special guest Brittany Godfrey as we continue our unending search for the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of the world’s tastiest crab cakes. Listen in, call in or simply listen to the podcast at your leisure. We’ll be there and you should too. Join us. We’ll save you a stool!

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