Pub Crawl: TGIM

Tonight on Pub Crawl:  There is too much to even begin to explain in this all too short description of a show that defies definition so much so that the dictionary itself refuses to be defiled with nary a mention of what is that we do in an ever-increasing run-on that has lost all sense of proportion and self awareness that only now can it be said to come to full stop. Suffice it to say that the studio will be full of unapologetic supplicants taking no quarter in merciful hatred of friend and foe where the blessings of our victories will be not unlike ashes in our mouths.

Godfrey’s Pub Crawl,  part bar, part radio show, parts unknown.  Featuring Meredith, our “Bartender to the Stars” and her gaggle of misfits, malcontents, ne’er do wells, once-functional alcoholics and anyone who wishes to give us a ring.  Just like your local tavern, we’ll be talking to- and behind the backs of- interesting people from all crawls of life, all while we pour drinks from our bottomless fountain of genteel indignation.  So grab your stool and belly-up ’cause the bar is set, low… REAL low.

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