Pub Crawl: Vacation Special!

fishingHey, Crawlers. How is everyone? Well we are doin’ great but for reasons that may baffle you. That’s right, for these next three Mondays we are on hiadus (that means no live broadcasts until September 28th) but aren’t going to leave you hangin’. We have prepared, for your listening enjoyment, some of the finest episodes culled from our last four years worth of archieved material. Please listen in as always. We’ll be out of studio 2b in our regular 6-8 pm time slot  No call ins for now unless you enjoy leaving messages on officious office answering machines. Of course you can always check us out through the fccfreeradio home page, Stitcher or TuneInRadio. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, For now just please enjoy our past. All our regulars and many popular special guests will be featuured. Who knows? You might have missed some of these gems. Check it out. We’ll talk to you in three weeks. Until then, We’ll save you a stool!

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