Rise Up Radio Ep 13 “The 13th”

Welcome back folks we hope you had a safe Halloween.  Me it’s not my favorite holiday but hey, I guess in we do what the natives do right?  Where do the roots of Halloween even come from anyway?  No worries we are going to explore this question.  Many cultures celebrate in different ways but American culture is traditionally covered in some sort of economic gain from all its celebrations. We are definitely in a beginning wave of the most costly holidays coming ahead.   It’s our 13th show it is only right we have some conversation on the 13th Amendment and it effects on the community.  With so many crazy folks running around doing deranged things I am often left wondering why is it that some are called “Lone Wolves” like they are some damn super hero and some are called “Terrorist” or “Savages” or “Animal’s”.  Things that make you go hmmmmm….. Of course we are coming with what that vibe rising music to feed you mind soul and body.  So tune in and RISE UP!!

 A man who says “I have learned enough and will learn no further” should be considered as knowing nothing at all.  Haile Salassie


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