Rise Up Radio ep 19

Happy Thursday folks!! We are back in the building tonight with some special guest who are doing great things in the community, POP UP BARBECUE! We will be diving into the culture of the project, How POP UP BBQ is helping the homeless demographic in the Bay and all the wonderful events upcoming in the future.  We will also be celebrating the birthday of some pretty awesome Capricorn’s. One of them being the great Queen of R&B Mary J Blige. We will be discussing some hot topics.  One of them being the H&H marketing disaster.  Seems like everyone is in an uproar except the child’s parents. We will also be getting to that SOUL RISING- LOVE VIBING- REBEL ROCKING MUSIC that you know we all love with featured artist Mary J Blige Tune in and RISE UP with the crew Shanette, Sam and Voodux!! See ya at 8pm pst

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