Rise Up Radio Ep. 5 “So Much Trouble” 09072017

Tonight on the fifth episode of Rise Up Radio titled “So Much Trouble”  We will taking a look into the global sadness and urgent need of “Healing”.   With all that is going on today what is the true root of this pain?  Is it science, biblical or spiritual suffering that is causing our loss of balance. Of course we will be playing some amazing music celebrating and acknowledging the contribution of  African American music that has given voice to our culture.  Your host Shanette, Voudux and Sam will be vibing and uplifting you with their favorite choices of “Liberation Music” as they give some background to the connect of politics, community and the creative expression that manifest out of the pain and struggle of our community.  So tune in as we discover who “WE ARE” where we been and where we are going as a beautiful people.  Rise UP Radio

“I freed a thousand slaves and would have freed a thousand more had they known they were slaves.” – Harriet Tubman


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