Rise Up Radio “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” 31 Jul 2018

Well Folks tonight is my last night airing on FCCFREERADIO.COM  I must say its been a wonderful ride and a whole lot of good times vibing and learning.  NO this is not the end of Rise Up Radio!! This is just the beginning. There is still so much work to do and I will NEVER STOP!! Only transition and grow. Our vow is to keep love and good vibes in the community.  Making connections, bridging gap and providing a space where artist and community young and old can share education and music.

So tonight Rise Up Radio has some special guest in the studio.  We have legendary  DJ BLACK Sliding Thru to drop some jewels on the crew.  We also have guests BabyGiirl and iDummy coming in to talk community, culture and hip hop movement.

This culture and my community means everything to us at Rise Up Radio and most likely we will be back at FCCFREERADIO in the near future!! I thank you all for tuning in and please follow us @collectiveuprise ON FACEBOOK!! Email us at [email protected]!!  ONE LOVE <3

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