Rise Up Radio “Nia Wilson, SAY HER NAME!!” 24 Jul 2018

SAY HER NAME!!! NIA WILSON!! SAY IT AGAIN!! NIA WILSON!! This young queen was stolen for us and robbed of her dreams.  Her family robbed of a sweet angel. Her family and friends heartfelt cries heard far and wide. This show is solely dedicated to Nia Wilson.  Nothing else. Just this Young Queen stripped of her dreams in cold blood by a man whom I am sure will be declared mentally incapable of understanding the pain that he has rippled in the hearts of many.  A community left empty.  Wondering why and how anyone could have so much hate in their  souls that they would take such a precious gift from this world so cold.  So this episode we are all in our feelings.  We Are In Mourning.  WE ARE NEVER GOING TO FORGET!! WE ARE NEVER GOING TO LET THEM FORGET YOU NIA. YOUR NAME MEANS PURPOSE.  PURPOSE IS WHAT YOUR LIFE WILL BE TO ALL THAT HAVE KNOWN YOU EVEN IF ITS IN THE 2ND DEGREE.  RISE UP RADIO

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