Rise Up Radio “Words to Power” 10 Apr 2018

RISE UP RADIO RETURNS TONIGHT, TUESDAY 8-10 PM April 10th.  Tonight on RUR we are going to explore the power behind our words and the influence so many great artist have either uplift a nation or contribute to the destruction of communities.  We will celebrate the powerful and every so talented ancestors Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Herbie Hancock whom are all Aries! We know that those folks stay on FIRE delivering some intense and true vibes to all the listening ears.  We will have some in studio guest from the Light One Potcast joining us for some enlightened conversations.  Since the beginning of time music/sound has been used as a tool for creation, spiritual enlightenment and even spiritual destruction.  Of course we are going to bless you with that VIBE RISIN’***ANCESTOR CELEBRATIN’*** PEOPLE LIBERATIN’***FREEDOM FREQUENCY MUSIC!! So please join up in our journey!

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