S1:E5 – Neo Ve’ave’a – “Our Community”

Faika is brought to you by PolyByDesign

The Faika podcast is brought to you by PolyByDesign.  Co-hosts Annette Moli and Carl Johnson bring topics ranging from mainstream headline newsworthy issues to the down and dirty, controversial tidbits that some people would consider taboo.  Always carried with an Island flavor and a Polynesian lean, Faika will deliver on both social awareness and pop media culture and everything in between.

Join the Faika podcast on fccfreeradio.com in Studio 2b Sunday October 29th from 10:00 to 12:00 Noon as in-studio guest Neo Ve’ave’a joins Annette and Carl for a “State of the Island Community” discussion.  Neo is a five decade fixture in the Pacific Islander community in the Bay Area and someone who has worked relentlessly, consistently and tirelessly over time to help not only the Polynesian community but the San Francisco community as a whole.  Neo is currently a Program Director at the Samoan Community Development Center in San Francisco where he facilitates programs that promote both physical and mental health and wellness.

Where we have been, where we are today and what our future may hold will squarely be in play on Sunday. Neo is a good man with an opinion that was formed through years of working in the communities, at the events, in the parades and with every day people.  If you want to see the vision of tomorrow through the lense of someone who has seen our community grow from the INSIDE; tune in on Sunday and Faika with us!! 

Click here (Studio 2b) to listen at 10:00 to 12:00 noon on Sunday.  If you miss the live broadcast you can download it shortly after at fccfreeradio.com

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