S1:E7 – Phil Alapati and Siai Morales

bought to you by PolyByDesign and FCCFREERADIO.com in the ICONIC Studio 2b discusses any and all issues both Pacific Islander related and non PI related.  Ranging from the trending, contemporary pop-culture, social media topics to issues that impact the local and global political scene.  Entertainment, sports, politics etc; everything pertinent can be “on the table” every week.

This week we our guests are entrepreneurs, community activists, event organizers, philanthropists, parents, spouses, and overall AMAZING people.  Phil Alapati organizes free haircuts for kids during the “back to school” season.  Phil is the coach of an All-Pacific Islander basketball team.  He is member of “Uncle Al’s Pay it Forward” program that collects

Also scheduled in-studio is Siai Morales.  Siai is the Dance Program Coordinator at the huge summer event Island Reggae Festival.  Siai is a Polynesian entrepreneur and is the proud owner of the wildly successful Bay Area company “Matalasi Skin”.  Matalasi Skin recently hosted a Do-It-Yourself night where the attendees were taught techniques that they could use to maintain and improve their skin and makeup techniques. This year the Samoan Community Development Center awarded Siai the “2017 Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

Join Faika as we get to know more about Phil and Siai as the people that they are and what drives them to do all of the amazing “give-back” activities that they do for the community.  COME FAIKA WITH US!!

We are on Sundays at 10:00 to 12:00 Noon on FCCFREERADIO.com in the legendary Studio 2b


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