FAIKA! S2:E37 – Take A Knee

Nike‘s decision to name former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson for their 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” campaign detonated a storm of social media that threatened to break the internet this week.  We will have a Pacific Islander  and former member of the military Coco Lozada as our guest.  Lozada served in the Marine corp and is a veteran of the conflict in the Middle East.

PolyByDesign has been at operating at maximum velocity recently and we have a HUGE announcement to make this episode.  Our mission to reach and support the next generation will take a big step forward in the next year or so and we can’t wait to share the news with our listeners.

Join us live by going to the FCCFREERADIO.COM front page of the website and clicking on the “Listen Live 1A” button on the top right or download the fccfree app to listen on your mobile device.  If you miss the live cast we will post a link to the show page on our Facebook page.  Live or on the download….COME FAIKA WITH US.

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