Sean McKenzie – Here’s Why That’s Funny

HWTFtreemutherfuckinghuggerTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – It’s a rainy day here in San Francisco — so rainy, in fact, that it almost makes you forget how expensive it is to live here. Almost. Not really. Side note: Can someone help me pay my rent? It’s hard out here for a pimp.

Sean McKenzie, a Bay Area giant of stand up comedy, will be gracing The Doctor with his kind presence and amazing curly hair. The two will talk comedy, and probably alcohol, because duh, those are the things that make life worth living. Sean is absolutely hilarious, and I’m sure that you’ll love him as much as The Doctor does, but not more, because nobody loves harder than Doctor Love.

Download, Share, Tweet, Intagram, Instagramps, Instamom, Instadad, and Insta-cousin-we-don’t-like-to-talk-about, and make sure you listen live on FCC Free Radio, San Francisco’s #1 internet radio station today at 2pm. Oh, and The Doctor cares about you, and she thinks you’re special.

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