Serena Gamboa & The Birthday Boy, Nate Spears – Here’s Why That’s Funny

HereswhynewposterTODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny on FCC Free Radio – it’s a lovely day in scenic San Francisco, California. San Francisco is even more beautiful when you consider that it’s the location for Here’s Why That’s Funny Presents: The Brainwash Show – a comedy show featuring the Bay Area’s very best comedians. This show will take it’s physical form on September 2nd, but will live on in our hearts forever after. Alright, now let’s get down to business.

Serena Gamboa, AKA the Spicy Latina, is one of the Bay’s most prolific comics and producers. The Modesto, CA native is a host of The Brainwash Cafe’s coolest new show, “Not Your Everyday Clean Comedy”. She’s hilarious, sexy, the nicest girl in the world, and will cut you if you say otherwise.

Nate Spears is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his 25th birthday with Alex today. He’ll be at Off The Hook Comedy showcase in Campbell, CA with the infamous Johnny Corn, and you can also catch him at other great shows all around the Bay. He’s wonderful, a great conversationalist, and is ready to make you laugh today.

Download this and every episode of Here’s Why That’s Funny. We’ll see you on September 2nd at the Brainwash, and we’ll see you every Sunday at two for your weekly Sunday Candy. And don’t forget: we care about you, and we think you’re special. See you gangbangers at 2.

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