SuperBowl Sunday & Season 2 Wrap-Up – Here’s Why That’s Funny

TODAY on Here’s Why That’s Funny – It’s a beautiful, windy day in the windiest city west of East Windsville, Missouri. It’s also the biggest day for sports in the United States, and we will all wait with baited breath as Tom Brady emerges from the locker rooms. As the legend goes, if Tom Brady sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of football season. Side note: Have you noticed that the line up for the NE Patriots looks like the inverse of the list of U.S. Presidents? There’s forty-something black people and one white guy who came along and changed the whole game. Happy Black History Month!

Anyway, today we’re going to be wrapping up season two of Here’s Why That’s Funny and showing you some awesome hits from previous episodes. We might even have a few special guests joining us down the line. You never know what to expect at studio 1a. Well, you can expect one thing: Entertainers of all backgrounds will always have a place to hang out with Alex and the gang on Here’s Why That’s Funny, under the condition that you MUST be funny because then and only then will you be one step ahead of the show’s host.

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