Sylvers vs. DeBarge. The Cool Lounge. 6-8 PM. 2B

The SylversYou’re in for cool treat 2nite on The Cool Lounge, for we have battle of the family acts.

Hour #1 will feature the beautiful melodies from The Sylvers who was a family musical group based in Watts, Los Angeles, California and were a popular act during the 1970s, recording the hit singles “Fool’s Paradise”, “Boogie Fever” and “Hot Line”. Prior to becoming “The Sylvers”, the four eldest members (Olympia, Leon, Charmaine, and James) recorded as The Little Angels, appearing on shows such as Make Room for Daddy and You Bet Your Life, and opening for such acts as Johnny Mathis and Ray Charles.

DebargeHour #2 will feature the music of DeBarge who was a sibling music group of American origin whose repertoire included R&B, soul, funk and pop. Active as a professional recording group from 1979 to 1989, the group was one of the recording acts to bring success to Motown Records label. The group, named for their shared surname, hailed from the East Side of Detroit where the siblings were born and raised, and later relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Members included sister Bunny and brothers Mark (or “Marty”), William (or “Randy”), Eldra (or “El”), and James.

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