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B Side Mikey / Hatriot

Published on July 25, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show members of Hatriot slip into Studio 1A between 8-10 (PST) for straight up interviews and tracks for the masses to absorb into their metal minds. Joining the show the infamous Walter Morgan who spans decades in the Bay Area Metal scene will be dropping fantastic questions out there […]

B Side Mikey / Metallica > Mexico

Published on July 18, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on The B Side Mikey Show we’ll feature somewhat rare live old school tracks from Metallica. Jams that aren’t played or you have never heard! In Studio 1A from 8-10 (PST)  with “Bart Man, myself, and maybe some other special guest who want join the mayhem. You know that I appreciate all you fantastic […]

B Side Mikey / Alice In Chains

Published on July 11, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show / 4th of July evening in SF, / asked for by folks / Alice In Chains in STUDIO 1A from 8-10pm (PST). “Rippin” out tracks from the older side so to speak & looking forward to putting those sick jams out there for folks to hear. Running solo […]

B Side Mikey / Jethro Tull

Published on June 27, 2015 By B Side

On THE B SIDE MIKEY SHOW because of co-host “BART MAN” tonight, we will go back decades and rip out some JETHRO TULL! Studio 1A between 8-10pm (PST) is where it happens call in at 415-829-2980 and share thoughts regarding “Bart Man’s” all time favorite band & or anything that you want to shout. Also […]

B Side Mikey / Sheavy

Published on June 20, 2015 By B Side

Tonight we put the spotlight on one of my personal favorites The band Sheavy will be cracking your ear-holes on the B Side Mikey Show in Studio 1A from 8-10pm (PST). You surely don’t want to miss this one. So join “Bart Man” & myself, also call in to chew the fat with us at […]

B Side Mikey / Mixed Bag

Published on June 13, 2015 By B Side

Tonight an awesome MIXED BAG of tracks on the B Side Mikey Show in Studio 1A from 8-10pm (PST). We have been running a lot of interviews with great bands over the past 4-6 weeks so it’s time to throw out tracks with no limitations for the ear holes to absorb this evening. Folks like […]

B Side Mikey / Kantation

Published on May 30, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show we’ll bring some tracks from a Southern California based band Kantation. Martin DeBourge front man in the band will join us by phone to discuss what’s what in the Metal Scene & his presence via Kosher Metal Radio! Outstanding night from 8-10pm (PST) in Studio 1A. Call in […]

B Side Mikey / Potential Threat

Published on May 23, 2015 By B Side

Tonight 2 hours of POTENTIAL THREAT, Bay Area Metal at it’s finest on the B Side Mikey Show in Studio 1A from 8-10pm (PST). Members of the band will be dropping in to the studio & Bay Area Metal native, WALTER MORGAN will join the gig as well. Conversations & Sick Tracks to be heard, […]

B Side Mikey / The Sword

Published on May 16, 2015 By B Side

This evening we will be slaying you with The Sword on the B-Side Mikey Show. Special guest Josh M. from Black Sun & “special special guest” > Mama Linda will be in the house. Studio 1A from 8-10pm (PST) is where it goes down tonight. Call in at 415-829-2980 and we will converse with you […]

B Side Mikey / Crash Dolls

Published on May 9, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show we will have some very special guests calling in for a live interview. The”CrashDollz”, a Rock band out of the Detroit, Michigan area with a Punk attitude, mixed with Big Rock technical ability and swagger. A female-fronted band with a lot of aggression ready to put out their second album. […]

B Side Mikey / Beastie Boys

Published on May 2, 2015 By B Side

Changing the genre for the show a bit, & sharing those classic Beastie Boys tracks on the B Side Mikey Show. Co-Host “Bart Man” & myself have decided to switch it up a bit and give some respect to a great band. Join us Saturday night in Studio 1A from 8-10 (PST) for a cool […]

B Side Mikey / Joe Satriani

Published on April 25, 2015 By B Side

Tonight by request of many listeners & Dave “aka” Flave, a night with Joe Satriani on the B Side Mikey Show. “Bart Man” & myself will be in Studio 1A from 8-10 (PST) “rippin” a lot of the older tracks, most that were never played on the radio. Join us live, if you running around […]

B Side Mikey / Godsmack

Published on April 18, 2015 By B Side

Myself & my Co-Host “Bart Man”, are taking the weekend off. But tune into the podcast of in your face Godsmack tracks from last week. It all goes down between 8-10pm (PST)  Again as I say each week, the numerous amounts of friend request & comments that I receive everyday on Facebook at B Side […]

B Side Mikey / Pink Floyd

Published on April 4, 2015 By B Side

Special rare night on the B Side Mikey Show for Yvette & Jose’s Birthdays! Pink Floyd THE FILM not THE WALL which is the ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK from the movie. Also other old school tracks that are never played on the radio. So tune in with me B Side, Co-Host “Bart Man” & a possible appearance […]

B Side Mikey / Opeth Heavy Side

Published on March 28, 2015 By B Side

Two months back on the B Side Mikey Show the lighter side of Opeth was thrown out to the world with great feed back. Many folks have now requested the HEAVY side of Opeth. So Co-Host “Bart Man” &  I will rip the older, heavier side of  Opeth in Studio 1A from 8-10 (PST). A […]

B Side Mikey / Kyuss

Published on March 21, 2015 By B Side

Tonight the inventors of Stoner Rock Kyuss is the feature band on the B Side Mikey Show. Special guest in Studio 1A from 8-10 pm (PST) this evening will be Flash Back Dave. Coming up from Arizona to join me to stick these great tracks I have lined up in his ear hole and yours. […]

B Side Mikey / Down

Published on March 14, 2015 By B Side

Co-host “Bart Man was DOWN, so tonight on the B-Side Mikey show we will be “rippin” out awesome tracks from a band called DOWN. Tune in from 8pm-10pm (PST) in Studio 1A for for a terrific night of tunes and laughs. Get involved and call in at 415-829-2980, & I will put you on the […]

B Side Mikey / Tool

Published on March 7, 2015 By B Side

Tool night with Danny Carey “rippin” the kit on the B Side Mikey Show. “Bart Man in the house filling his ear holes on Saturday Night 8-10 pm (PST) in Studio 1A.  A superior band with great studio tracks & amazing to see live. Call in live at 415-829-2980 & we will pick it up. […]

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