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B Side Mikey Show / Megadeth

Published on December 12, 2015 By B Side

“Rippin” a little Megadeth with “Bart Man” on the B Side Mikey Show.  8 to 10 pm (PST) in studio 1A with a chew the fat on the tele number which is, 415-829-2980. “Sweet Kayla” is out and about, so we will fill your ear holes with some D Mustaine both live & studio tracks. […]

B Side Mikey Show / Black Uhuru

Published on December 5, 2015 By B Side

Tonight Co-Host “Bart Man” decided to change it up a bit by featuring a fantastic reggae band by the name of Black Uhuru. The B Side Mikey Show goes down between 8pm & 10pm (PST) in studio 1A  Here is where we will throw out some awesome groove oriented “rootful” reggae tracks by one of […]

B Side Mikey Show / Mia Zapata, The Gits

Published on November 28, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show we pay our respects to Mia Zapata of The Gits. It goes down between 8pm & 10 PM (PST) in Studio 1A. She was considered in some ways the next Janis Joplin even though she was in a Punk/Rock band. She was taken off of this planet tragically […]

B Side Mikey Show / Iron Maiden

Published on November 21, 2015 By B Side

The B Side Mikey Show has Iron Maiden on the table tonight in Studio 1A from 8pm-10pm (PST). Joined by the infamous Walter Morgan & special co-host H.A. Tommy. It will be epic as always when Walter drops stories regarding the bands success both studio, & live! You can join as well by calling 415-829-2980. […]

B Side Mikey Show / Vinnie Moore

Published on November 14, 2015 By B Side

Tonight Vinnie Moore is on the Platform for the B Side Mikey Show. Tune in between 8pm-10pm (PST) in Studio 1A. “Bart Man” is back this week joined by “Sweet Kayla, and all of you if you choose to call the studio line at 415-829-2980! Hats off to all of you around the world who […]

B Side Mikey Show / System Of A Down

Published on November 7, 2015 By B Side

This evening we are featuring a band that’s up in “Sweet Kayla’s” top 3 of her wheel house. System Of A Down will be going down in Studio 1 A from 8pm-10pm (PST) to scratch her head banging itch. She will be singing right along so call in at 415-829-2980 and drop a conversation on […]

B Side Mikey Show / Soundgarden re-broadcast

Published on October 31, 2015 By B Side

Tonight I’ve decided to do some Happy Hallow events so this fantastic Soundgarden show will re-broadcast this evening. “Bart Man”, “Sweet Kayla” and myself will return next week to kick out the Jams! Thank you so much for your world wide support all of you fantastic folks out there! Communicate with me on Facebook, type […]

B Side Mikey Show / Soundgarden

Published on October 24, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show Soundgarden will be the featured band in Studio 1A. It goes down between 8pm & 10pm (PST) in Studio 1A with myself  “Bart Man” & “Sweet Kayla”! Call in to drop conversation into our ear holes and we will reciprocate. Open Dialog is the key if you want […]

B Side Mikey / Stevie Ray Vaughan

Published on October 17, 2015 By B Side

Well I’ve decided to throw out some of the tasty blues guitar work with the influential Stevie Ray Vaughan tonight on the B Side Mikey Show. 8pm to 10pm in studio 1A, with a call in # 415 829 2980 is where is goes down. We’ve had a lot of heavy stuff going on in […]

B Side Mikey Show Throw Back Metal Fest 2015

Published on October 10, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show I will play bands that played last night and this evening from the Throw Back Metal Fest in Las Vegas. A 2 day Metal Fest put together by Martin DeBourge of Kantation with kick ass bands doing their thing. “Sweet Kayla” will join me as “Bart Man” is […]

B Side Mikey Show – Steev Esquivel from Skinlab

Published on October 3, 2015 By B Side

A epic night is in store on the B Side Mikey Show in Studio 1A from 8pm to 10pm (PST). Steev Esquivel from Skinlab will be in the house with Walter Morgan who will bringing a plethora of knowledge & conducting the interview process as we cover decades of Steev’s career & accomplishments in the […]

B Side Mikey Show / Van Halen

Published on September 26, 2015 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show myself and the best staff on the planet will RIP out nothing but old school Van Halen which I’ve been asked to do for many moons! Also Flash Back Dave will be a guest in Studio 1A at 8-10 (PST) as he is up from Arizona for chatting […]

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