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B Side Mikey Show / Metallica 2008 and Forward 7-22-17

Published on July 22, 2017 By B Side

This evening from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B live I’ll run straight METALLICA. As an avid fan of the old days this band simply ripped it up, however they did change a bit over the years. Between 2008 & the present, they did get back to their roots so to speak which I’ll cover […]

3rd Axis Radio Live

Published on July 21, 2017 By Sebastian Vego

Got a dope lit show as always delivering that independent, underground EDM, trap, and hip-hop we know you love! Have an exclusive interview with Bay Area’s very own DJ Loot, he’s pulling up to the station to party with us! We also have new music by hip-hop artist straight from the new age hippie movement, […]

B Side Mikey Show / Wrathchild America 7-15-17

Published on July 15, 2017 By B Side

Tonight in the world famous Studio 2B from 8-10 PM (PST) on the B Side Mikey Show, WRATHCHILD AMERICA will rip the ear holes. A band that I caught up with in the 90’s that was just so extremely bizarre, yet extremely sick. From the riff, to the lyrics, to the hooks, to the passages, […]

B Side Mikey Show / Buckethead 7-8-17

Published on July 8, 2017 By B Side

Tonight in the world famous studio 2B from 8-10 PM (PST) one of the most bizarre yet amazing musicians will be featured on the show. I’ll be joined this evening by PJ Boston the host of Metal Groove Radio as we will feature BUCKETHEAD. Sit back in the chicken coop for this bad ass guitar […]

B Side Mikey Show / Mixed Bag 7-1-17

Published on July 1, 2017 By B Side

This evening on the B Side Mikey from 8-10 PM in the world famous Studio 2B I’ll mix the bag. Rock, Blues, Stoner Rock, Metal in no specific order. This will be spontaneous & an out of my back pocket show with no specific band or order. So many of you have “givin” me great […]

B Side Mikey Show / Chris Cornell 6-24-17

Published on June 24, 2017 By B Side

My first show back after my mother passing on 5-20-17, which I thank all of you who reached out. Listen live, or use your Tune In App from the phone tonight in Studio 2B > 8-10 PM (PST) along with my partner in crime Tommy (last name?). We will pay tribute to an amazing musician […]

B Side Mikey Show / Dream Theater 5-13-17

Published on May 13, 2017 By B Side

Tonight is a simple one for me from 8-10 PM (PST) live in the world famous Studio 2B. DREAM THEATER which in my opinion is simply an amazing group of musicians that play with such an intrinsic style. Extremely tight and very well written material. Tonight I’ll run solo and drop a lot of live […]

Eddie Winters Presents: The Coup before the Storm

Published on May 8, 2017 By Eddie Winters

Iconic Disc Jockey, Eddie Winters is back with a brand new episode of the Rock and Roll Coup Detat. Find out why everyone is calling the Coup “America’s Rock and Roll Program”. This week, Eddie discusses classic rock history, News, Headlines, David Crosby Tweets and more… Also, listen as Eddie reconnects with friends from around […]

B Side Mikey Show / Early Iron Maiden Paul Di’Anno 5-6-17

Published on May 6, 2017 By B Side

Tonight Tommy Torres will join the show to rip and discuss the early Iron Maiden years (Paul Di’Anno)! Go to www.fccfreeradio.com to listen live from 8-10PM (PST) in Studio 2B. Use the Tune In App on your phone! Every “Blues Lovin, Stoner Rock, Rock N Rollin, Metal Head appreciates the old stuff! Paul Di’Anno gave a […]

B Side Mikey Show / Guns n Roses 4-29-17

Published on April 29, 2017 By B Side

It hit me after driven back from my mom’s pad! G n R might be a good band to rip out this evening. Studio 2B from 8-10 PM (PST) is where it goes down on the B Side Mikey Show. A band with many headaches so to speak but we all know Appetite for Destruction […]

B Side Mikey Show / Randy Rhodes 4-22-17

Published on April 22, 2017 By B Side

Tonight on the B Side Mikey Show from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B, I have to drop some RANDY RHODES! As we all know he left us to soon! Listen live on the phone if you’re out and about all of your “Blues Lovin, Stoner Rock, Metal Heads” around the world if you have […]


Published on April 22, 2017 By The Boro Djs

This week on the Boro, we continue doing what we do best…ROCK the airwaves. MightyL digs in the creats and pulls out the heat. Spinning new music from Hip Hop’s underground and original samples. MightyL lays down a soundscape for your Saturday night adventures. The party pop’s off tonight starting at 6pm(pst) on FccFreeRadio.com in […]

B Side Mikey Show / Ronnie Montrose / Gamma 4-8-17

Published on April 8, 2017 By B Side

Tonight we will pay tribute to an amazing guitar player on the B Side Mikey Show. From 8-10 pm (PST) in Studio 2B RONNIE MONTROSE riffs and leads will rip through everyone’s ear holes around the world. So all of you wonderful “Blues Lovin, Stoner Rock, Metal Heads, can listen live from your pad or […]

B Side Mikey Show / HELLYEAH 4-1-17

Published on April 1, 2017 By B Side

Welcome to HELLYEAH night on the B Side Mikey Show. Going down between 8-10 PM Live in the world famous Studio 2B all of you “Blues Lovin, Stoner Rock Metal Heads”around the world. Pleased to feature Vinnie Paul on the kit who’s one of my favorite in your face drummers on the planet. I’m glad […]

B Side Mikey Show / Vista Chino and Mixed Bag 3-18-17

Published on March 18, 2017 By B Side

Tonight from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B I will rip some Vista Chino (John Garcia)! I’ll be joined by my brother Humble Selektah who will also drop a mixed bag of his choice of tracks on the B Side Mikey Show. This will be a blast with some good Stoner Rock & what ever […]

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