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The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.10

Published on April 10, 2018 By Tone Patron

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.10 Tonight wont you LightOne with us, we have a few special guests coming, we got Facebook answering questions to congress, we got tax season approaching but more importantly we are sneaking up on 420. Visiting the show we have Kae the El Rio Sound manager sharing stories and the loss of […]

LightOne Potcast S.2. Ep.9 – 4/3/18

Published on April 3, 2018 By Tone Patron

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep. 9 Light One with your peeps, as we dive into some topical and current events. Light up the air waves one time with great conversation, music, and some philosophical depth. Our hearts go out to the YouTube employees shot and how this violence needs to stop.  We need to value […]

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.7

Published on March 6, 2018 By Tone Patron

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep. 7. We back and better than ever, Tone Patron and Shanette from Rise Up Radio go in show tonight repping the Royal Family as well as ever. Tonight we have special guest Young Mestizo jump in with some story’s and antidotes…..Let us Light up the air waves one time with […]

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.4

Published on February 13, 2018 By Tone Patron

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.4 Happy Birthday to our co-host Xavi, Dj Xxquisite aka Trippy Kicks … Light one up with us as we celebrate his born day. Will have some philosophical conversation about him Today’s topics will include talk about Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. Celebrating in general especially birthdays and Valentines. On the […]

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.3

Published on February 6, 2018 By Tone Patron

The LightOne Potcast S.2 Ep.3 Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley, light one up with us as we celebrate the life n times of Bob Marley (also musical theme). Today’s topics will include talk about the super bowl, this massive heat, stock market ups and downs, blood orange moon. On the herb level we discuss different […]


Published on January 31, 2018 By Elijah

>>>MAJOR RADIO SHOW ALERT<<< TONITE!!!! on the world famous The MUSIQ BOX Show #BobMarleyBdayBashEdition Hosted by ELIJAH **LIVE** 8PM-10PM (PST) on www.fccfreeradio.com or TUNE in radio app for your mobile phone WE are excited to have brotha Henry & his team from CoolHandCam Entertainment as our special guest co-host for the evening. PLUS we have Sol Horizon calling in to BIGG UP […]

The Vinyl Thought w/Joe Hughes talks about Bob Marley

Published on November 9, 2017 By Joseph Hughes

Today on The Vinyl Thought we talk with special guests, Authors, Roger Steffens and Chris Salewicz about Bob Marley, Raggae Music, the Rasta lifestyle, the politics of the time and more. And in the first half we talk with Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs of Welcome Back, Kotter, with Yvette Fernandez and Joe Hughes. #rastalife, #reggaemusic, #bobmarley, #welcomebackkotter, […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 52 – 07.08.17

Published on July 8, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

Last week on the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, we paid tribute to TROJAN RECORDS’ seemingly infinite catalog of legendary music. Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH wholeheartedly enjoyed creating last week’s playlist of foundation Reggae……so he’s decided to DEDICATE THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY TO TROJAN RECORDS!! Please join us for another truly special night. We’ll journey from 1960 and […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 51 – 07.01.17

Published on July 1, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

Tonight on the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, we’ll show absolute appreciation to TROJAN RECORDS. One of the greatest and most influential labels in our HUMBLE opinion….they’ve been representing SKA, ROOTS, ROCKSTEADY, DUB, DANCEHALL, LOVER’S ROCK, DJ’s, PRODUCERS and all things Reggae since 1968!! Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has put together a truly special playlist that represents just a […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 49 – 06.17.17

Published on June 17, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has been in the kitchen all week perfecting this week’s recipe. With Summer clearly upon us, a playlist to match the season seems appropriate. As we relax at the beach, spend time with friends and family at the backyard barbecue, drive the coastline with top down & stereo up……no matter the scenario, […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 48 – 06.10.17

Published on June 10, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

  As your HUMBLE SELEKTAH straightened-up, dusted-off and cleared some cobwebs from the archives, numerous topnotch tracks have revealed themselves over the last few weeks. Tonight on the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM we’ll stay consistent with the proven recipe as Dennis Alcapone, Gregory Isaacs, Sir Lord Comic, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott and MANY MORE will grace STUDIO […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 42 – 04.29.17

Published on April 29, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

The DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM returns from a much-needed decompression session in the country. Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH spent the weekend on the porch discussing life with cherished friends and family while listening to nearby goats, frogs, owls, coyotes and such….a weekend well spent to put it lightly. We’ll attempt to blow the doors off of STUDIO 1A […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 38 – 03.25.17

Published on March 25, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

As we recuperate from last week’s Tequila driven fiesta, the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM will have a nice quiet environment full of electrolytes and hydration. Some friends were gracious enough to send us their recent projects, so tonight we’ll proudly feature tracks from Bryan Art, Jennifer Barrett and Christina Roshay. In addition, your HUMBLE SELEKTAH assembled a […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 37 – 03.18.17

Published on March 18, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

Tonight on a special edition of the DUBPLATE SOUNDSYSTEM, we’re honored to have our dear friend Eli Rodriguez of Mi Casa Tequila for a tasting of his families’ finest spirits. A few other friends and family may also drop in for a visit. We’ll just have to wait and see who shows, as a Saturday […]

The Dubplate Soundsystem No. 36 – 03.11.17

Published on March 11, 2017 By Dubplate Soundsystem

Your HUMBLE SELEKTAH has been anxious for tonight’s broadcast. The work week takes its toll without us even realizing. As we robotically get up each day, sit in traffic, deal with the madness and continually repeat the process, it’s easy to lose sight with what truly matters. A moment of peace and quiet, time spent […]

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