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The Underground Mayhem Podcast-Creativity, Live Music, And Podcasts 9-9-18

Published on September 9, 2018 By Mike Glendinning

This is one episode of The Underground Mayhem Podcast you don’t want to miss. If you’re struggling to get out of a creative plummet or you are a total beginner, getting your music, podcast, or art out to the public can be intimidating. I’m excited to bring my listeners an opportunity to hear four gentlemen share their stories and […]

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Zee Ziz

Published on July 11, 2018 By NSFW

#NSFWradio host Jay Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people, Zee Ziz.  The discussion is likely to meander about Free Tommy Robbinson Prayer attacked by Antifa in SF, Q Anon proofs, Immigration! Fentanyl!  Trump v. Clinton why is this still a thing?  Propaganda!  Was a clinton witness killed in an explosion?  Miss America.  Black […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Richard Dreyling, Stephan Massih, and FC Sierra

Published on January 25, 2017 By NSFW

Tonight!  Host Jay Austin Graham vaporizes this week’s drug news, politics, and current events.  Comedians Richard Dreyling, Stephan Massih, and FC Sierra inhale the vapor, and exhale it into your head holes! [Update:  FC Sierra does show up eventually.] Live 6-8pm Pacific in FCC Free Radio Studio 1A Download this and every podcast between live […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Iris Benson and Albert Lam

Published on May 11, 2016 By NSFW

Tonight on NSFW Radio guests Iris Benson and Albert Lam we will talk about techies microdosing with psychedelics, tiny plastic Japanese vaginas, hiding your weed, Trump’s micropenis, switchblades, and stuff I cannot possibly predict. [Update: Everyone but Jay was late!  Host Jay Austin Graham ranted for 15 minutes!  Could be good, could be bad.  You […]

Not Safe For Work – Guests: Butch Escobar and Aaron Barrett with Sub-Host Frosty Nugs

Published on April 13, 2016 By NSFW

This week your NSFW Radio host Jay Austin Graham and Sub-Host Frosty Nugs welcome guests Butch Escobar and Aaron Barrett.  Possible topics include novel methods of marijuana ignition, corpse robbery, Uber giving your info to the Feds, freedom of speech, racist hypocrites, and capitalism.  We will also Call A Swede! [Update:  Butch Escobar could not make […]

Not Safe For Work

Published on January 13, 2016 By NSFW

Second to last show in old Studio 1A, with guest comedians Joe Gorman, Vahe Hove and Andy Garcia.  We’ll be talking David Bowie, Tool concerts, magic Aztec chocolates, standup comedy, the Internet, and why big pharma hates medical marijuana. [Update: no Secret Cohost this episode, so Sweet Gail actually gets to talk, Donald Lacy calls in […]

Not Safe For Work

Published on November 25, 2015 By NSFW

Tonight!  Comedian Andy Garcia!  Will he fight with the Secret Cohost?  Does he really believe Clock Kid deserves $15 million?  Who is this Andy Garcia anyway?  Listen to find out what you’ve been missing. [Update:  Sorry Siri screwed up the opening.  Station owner/manager John Miller joined the program essentially to yell at Sweet Gail.] Interact with […]

Not Safe For Work

Published on November 4, 2015 By NSFW

Tonight on NSFW Radio, surprise guest cancellation!  Will we find a replacement in time?  Will we just mess with Sweet Gail for the whole show?  She is not the only person allowed to call in.  You can call in too.  We promise we will treat you better than we do Gail.  Remember when this show […]

Not Safe For Work

Published on October 14, 2015 By NSFW

Tonight there is a rumor that Zorba Jevon Hughes may show up again.  Lisa Backer will be in studio to add a female perspective to the proceedings.  Topics for discussion:  Nestle sued for California drought crimes, is “pedophile culture” a problem in America, CIA admits to covering up JFK assassination, and Playboy magazine, Texas History text […]

Not Safe For Work

Published on August 26, 2015 By NSFW

Today on Not Safe For Work, comedians Joe Gorman and Zack Chapaloni are back! Last time these guys were on NSFW, it was one of our top shows.  Maybe this episode will be good too.  Maybe the secret cohost will ruin it.  Tune in to find out!  Or download, or link in, or whatever it […]

Not Safe For Work welcomes Keith D’Souza

Published on October 2, 2013 By NSFW

Today on Not Safe For Work, Keith D’Souza joins the show to discuss music and comedy and weedly type political things.

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