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Zee’z Yerba Buena #22

Published on November 27, 2017 By Zeez Yerba Buena

Hello world!!! Zee here back with another Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! This show will be my last show for this year! I will be taking the month of December off to decompress and spend some time with my family and friends!! That means I’ll be back in the new year with some great stories, great music and some great guests!!! Join me Zee today on […]

Zee’z Yerba Buena #18

Published on October 23, 2017 By Zeez Yerba Buena

Why Hello there people!!! It’s me Zee back in Studio2B!!! I will be joined by my sister from another mother Hilda!!! Hilda is an SF native who has lived in The Big Apple for the past 8 plus years!!! On this beautiful Monday we will be in Stdudio2B talking about the similarities and differences of San Francisco and New York City, two of the most desired places to live in the US!!! Both […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: “Lost and Found” (DownTown Science)

Published on September 3, 2016 By The Boro Djs

What’s good party people? Back again for another weekend of dope music, you are tuned into The Boro. Tonight MightyL pulls out a rare and hard to find project under the Def Jam label: Downtown Science. Downtown Science is the only album released by rap duo Downtown Science. It was released in 1991 through Def Jam […]

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