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GOTG The Show 1/19/2020 #1

Published on January 19, 2020 By Jesse Rios

This show is dedicated to boys who will one day be men.. The Attack on the traditional male figure, identity, and masculinity is appalling to say the least..The male voice should Not be silenced as society falls apart. On this show i will examine, discuss and pose questions that are sometimes hard to speak on […]

Ratchet and Woke episode 4 -1/6/20

Published on January 6, 2020 By Megan Correa

Tonight beloveds! Ratchet And Woke Podcast is back in full effect with Hippy Trap as our special guest. We’re gonna be recapping the whole holiday break including the best of 2019, Cardi B threatening to move to Nigeria, the truth behind touring, LiL Mc Facebook beefs and allllll the places she’s gone streaking 🌶🌶 👀 […]

The John Miller Program with Susan Maletta 2008

Published on December 31, 2019 By admin

Well its time to do something with this show, so you will get classic John Miller Program till I decide to come back and do the show on the weekly! But till then with over 20+ years of Webcasting/Podcasting and Terrestrial Radio there are hard drives full of classic JMP. This episode was recorded at […]

Ratchet And Woke 12/30/19 episode 4

Published on December 30, 2019 By Megan Correa

Tonight we closing the decade with our special guest Sarah Arnold aka LiL Flower Nasti !!!!!! Air horn air hornnnnnn!! We popping champagne in the building while we get into the best of the decade, movies, music, trends, tv shows etc. Get ready for an extra woke and ratchet sexy evening with your favorite hosts […]

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