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Fish Burps: Episode 64: Prehearsal

Published on January 1, 2017 By Fish Burps

Dan Say: Hello 2017, I am very hungover thanks to your arrival. If people can blame 2016 for being a bad year then I can blame 2017 for my functional alcoholism. My body feels like a dry cough. Doug: Good Bye, 2016.  You weren’t as bad as everyone is saying.  So don’t feel too bad.  […]

Fish Burps: Episode 63: The 63rd Episode of 63 Episodes. Collect ’em All!

Published on December 18, 2016 By Fish Burps

Dan  Says: It is balls ass cold outside but it’s warm ‘n toasty in the realm of Fish Burps. It’s our last show of 2016 and maybe a time for reflection: how far we’ve come. Just about this far, I guess Doug Says: It’s not that cold out.  It’s really just cold enough for people […]

Its time for the 18th Annual Pre Christmas JMP!!

Published on December 13, 2016 By admin

So tonight  Ashly Russell and John Miller will talk about Christmas and what it means to you… I doubt we will do that but it will be up to our guests. Tonight at 6:00 PM in the world famous Studio 1A AKA: John Miller Studios we will have the #1 Show for the year at FFR, […]

Fish Burps: Episode 61: Just Us League

Published on December 4, 2016 By Fish Burps

Dan Says: It’s just Doug and I tonight. Sara is sick, Vic is at Sea World, or water jail, as I like to think of it. I guess I don’t like to think of it that way but I do. Sea World seems like it’s better than a zoo because all of the captives have […]

It’s Tuesday and you know what time it is, time for the JMP!!

Published on November 29, 2016 By admin

Only 26 day’s till Christmas, so to get you in the sprit John Miller and Ashly Russell will help you into the holiday’s with some comedy. Tonight at 6:00 PM PST they will host two great guests, Long time favorite of the show John Brown will be in studio with Yvette Fernandez. We don’t know what they will talk […]

Fish Burps: Episode 60: Is There Others?

Published on November 27, 2016 By Fish Burps

Fish Burps somewhat proudly presents its 60th episode! How proudly, you’re probably not asking? Somewhat. Tonight, Fish Burps defines somewhat. We welcome back Tommy Flynn to aid in the discussions of idioms vs. figures of speech, gender based manipulation, Thanksgiving, not giving a literal shit, favorite books and yawning on air (Dan’s contribution). Doug talks […]

Fish Burps: Episode 59: Dude, You Gotta Start Shaving Your Balls…Chicks Dig It.

Published on November 21, 2016 By Fish Burps

Dan Says: I’m not close minded but I will say that anything that I disagree with is probably a crappy notion anyway. Sara says: I’m not sure how I feel about this eyeball picture. I think I like it, but I’ve never really seen my eye that close. Am I a Samantha or a Lori? […]

The Cool Lounge/2B/6-8 PM

Published on November 20, 2016 By The Cool Lounge

The Cool Lounge specializes in a wide variety of genre’s including Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indie and Classic Rock. TCL plays popular music but more than often you’ll find the best of the bay area’s underrated independent artists. Tune in weekly for a cool surprise. You might even catch a tribute to one of […]

Once again it’s Tuesday… and that means only one thing…..

Published on November 15, 2016 By admin

Well the holiday’s are here…. and John Miller and Ashly Russell will ease you into to all of the holiday bull on the longest running webcast. Here is the lineup for the world famous The John Miller Program w/Ashly Russell. Tonight we have two past guests and one new! This Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the […]

Fish Burps: Episode 58: Trump Voters Are Probably Mainly Idiots, Romania Doesn’t Sound Great, Knitting for Children, and We Miss Doug.

Published on November 14, 2016 By Fish Burps

Fish Burps 58 starts off somewhat cheery and quickly deviates to bitching about Trump, Trump voters, Trump some more, and Vic. Also, if you’re a Trump supporter, there is something unquestionably wrong with your brain, heart, perception of reality, and/or thoughts on everything. Quite a show. Sara and Dan will roast each other at some […]

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