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Matthew Félix On Air: Hidden Compass & Antarctica

Published on February 18, 2018 By Matthew Felix

Today’s show starts off with Sivani Babu and Sabine Bergmann from online travel magazine Hidden Compass. Their new issue is just out, and it’s full of work by award-winning writers and photographers who have been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Geo, and Time, as well as the Washington Post, BBC Travel, and on […]

FAIKA! S2:E7 – Junior and Saka from Bay Area Bin Support

Published on February 17, 2018 By Carl

Pacific Islander ENTREPRENEURS! Tune in tomorrow and learn how a keen eye and an innovative mind opened up the world of business ownership to Junior Fiame and his wife Nancy. They are the founders of Bay Area Bin Support!  THIS IS EXCITING STUFF FAIKA LISTENERS!! Download the “TuneIn” app and search “fccfree” to listen live […]

B Side Mikey Show / Stoner Rock Mixed Bag #2 / 2-17-18

Published on February 17, 2018 By B Side

Tonight crack open what ever you do & kick it. Let this MIXED BAG of fa-nominal grooved out STONER ROCK soak in to your ear holes. 8-10 PM (PST) this evening in the world famous Studio 2B I’ll rip track after track (TUNE IN APP on your phone). SHEAVY / KYUSS / solo BRANT BJORK […]

Bridesmaid Horror Stories – February 15, 2018

Published on February 15, 2018 By Moon Choe

FLOWER JOKE OF THE WEEK: STAMEN AWAY FROM ME! -Elizabeth My great idea this week for a porn name/sex column writer pseudonym: Deep Black V IT’S OUR VERSION OF GALENTINES DAY TONIGHT LADIES. Get ready for compliments, compliments, and one bummer.

Zee’z Yerba Buena #26

Published on February 12, 2018 By Zeez Yerba Buena

Zee’z Yerba Buena is back in studio2b!!! Your host Zee is ready to get your week started right!!! In the studio with me I’ll be joined by my good friend Jon Bagdon!!! Jon is a traveling New Yorker that has seen so much of the world! I’ll pick his brain about his favorite trips and adventures, talk San Francisco of course, listen to some […]

Today on Matthew Félix On Air!

Published on February 11, 2018 By Matthew Felix

First episode! Excited to welcome my first guests to the show! None other than travel-writing legend Don George and freelance writer, traveler, and champagne lover Kimberley Lovato will fill us in on their long-running, incredibly popular Weekday Wanderlust, in the run-up to their upcoming event on Thursday, 2/15.  And I’ll start things off with FCCFree […]

What’s Really Happening?

Published on February 10, 2018 By Luke Sauer

It’s National Shut-In Visitation Day!        What better way to celebrate then to tune in to the What’s Really Happening show with me your host Luke “Walgreens” Sauer and co-hosting Cassandra Inglesby.  Todays show I’ve got musical guest The Pfeffers on the show. I’ve got comedian Rhoda D. Ramone joining us in the […]

B Side Mikey Show / 4th Annual Cliff Burton Tribute / “w” Connie Burton / 2-10-18

Published on February 10, 2018 By B Side

This evening LIVE from 8-10 PM (PST) in Studio 2B I’ll pay my respects to CLIFF BURTON with the 4th annual tribute show / his legacy. I’ll be joined in the studio with his sister CONNIE BURTON, WALTER MORGAN, & SVEN SODERLUND. This is a very special show as today would have been Cliff’ birthday […]

Bridesmaid Horror Stories – February 8, 2018

Published on February 8, 2018 By Moon Choe

BEING A SECRETARY SUCKS SOMETIMES! SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY! I fell on my skateboard for the first time today! It wasn’t embarrassing but I put a hole in my black business casual jcrew slacks 🙁 These pants have seen SO MUCH INTERVIEW ACTION in the past 10 years. I think it was part of the first […]

Zee’z Yerba Buena #25

Published on February 5, 2018 By Zeez Yerba Buena

Happy Monday folks!!! Zee is back with another Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! I’ve got PJ Boston from Metal Grove Radio with me in Studio 2B today!!! We’re gonna rock out and chat about the amazing Supper Bowl and what ever else we feel like!!! It’s gonna be real Groovy!!!! Join us today live at 4pm from Studio 2B Only at Fccfreeradio.com!!!

FAIKA! S2:E5 – Tino Elisara and “BROWN GIRL WOKE” Doris Tulifau

Published on February 3, 2018 By Carl

TINO ELISARA! Live In-Studio TOMORROW on the Faika podcast. Join us and we will introduce you to Tino and his path through college and into the medical supply industry. Tino will talk about his journey with higher education, working his way through the corporate ladder and tell us all about his beautiful family that includes […]

B Side Mikey Show / Samsara Blues Experiment / 2-3-18

Published on February 3, 2018 By B Side

Tonight from 8-10 PM (PST) in the world famous Studio 2B > LIVE, I have to feature SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT. This is incredible stuff that I believe all of you ” Blues Lovin, Rock N Rollin, Stoner Rock, Metal Heads” around the world will appreciate. Well written, grooved, hard / stoner rock, with a twist […]

February 1, 2018 – Bridesmaid Horror Stories

Published on February 1, 2018 By Moon Choe

WE’RE BACK. Feels like forever, probably because I spent so much time on the phone with customer service this past week. FYI verizon and cricket and chase bank are all the devil. I’m going to ENJOY the WHOLE bottle of rose i’m bringing tonight, the week is long, i’ve had zero naps and i am […]

Zee’z Yerba Buena #24

Published on January 29, 2018 By Zeez Yerba Buena

Happy Monday!!!!! Zee here back to help with your Monday woes! Today’s Zee’z Yerba Buena will be one of the most exciting yet! In the legendary Studio2b, I will be joined by singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson!!! Matt’s music transcends time and generations! From recording his first album in a house in Van Nuys, California back in 1993, to rocking out the beautiful city of San […]


Published on January 27, 2018 By Carl

BIGBODYRADIO!  Need we say more?  Well we will, LOTS more as Cisco Lutu joins us IN-STUDIO to talk about him being Named “2017 DJ of The Year” at the SF Industry Awards Night last week.  Cisco will bring his always bigger than life personna to the Faika podcast as well as his outspoken “keep it […]

B Side Mikey Show / Manowar 1-27-18

Published on January 27, 2018 By B Side

Back from the holidays / some planned prior events & engagements, to rip out some MANOWAR! LIVE in studio 2B from 8-10 PM TONIGHT is where it goes down. Check it on your phone with the Tune In App. When was the last time you had 2 hours of MANOWAR in your ear holes? A […]

The Cr’ass Nation Radio Show #14. Do-It-Yourself Approach To Recording And Releasing Albums.

Published on January 27, 2018 By Mike Glendinning

 FCC Free Radio hosts Luke Ryan Sauer, Ernest Myer Evangelista will be joining old music collaborators of mine Blair Reese and Maria Claus-Rangel to discuss the do-it-yourself approach to recording and releasing albums. More at www.mikegrungejazz.com  

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