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Zee’z Yerba Buena #35

Published on July 2, 2018 By Zeez Yerba Buena

It’s Monday and I’m feelin funkay!!! That’s right I purposely misspelled those words!!! Zee here with yet another Zee’z Yerba Buena!!! I’m in the mood for Funk so I’v got a playlist of some of my favorite Funk songs to fill Studio2B with!!! Download the FCCFREE RADIO APP ASAP and tune in this Monday from 4-6PM!!! Only at FCCFREERADIO.COM!!! 

THE BORO DJs SHOW : 5/26/18

Published on May 26, 2018 By The Boro Djs

Broadcasting live this eve on FccFreeRadio.com, it’s the Boro DJs Show. Back another week to spread good music to the people. MightyL digs in and plays new music from such artist as A.G., Bumpy Knuckles and The Watershed project to start the show off. He will also high light what he was up to last […]


Published on January 6, 2018 By The Boro Djs

You want the funk? We got it. You want bang’n beats? We got that in abundance. You want dope lyrics? Do I need to say it? Come on, you knew what time it is. It’s the Boro Djs Show. Setting it off tonight with new music and of course old joints that will make you […]


Published on December 9, 2017 By The Boro Djs

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ears drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. jazz to Punk.  Soul to salsa, good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the family. As they embark on a funky […]

Not Safe For Work – Guest: Vahé Hove and Juan Medina

Published on November 15, 2017 By NSFW

#NSFWradio host Jay Austin Graham presents dark news from bright people Vahé Hove, Juan Medina, and Tom Fritsche.  We answer questions like:  What was Donald Trump tweeting?  What qualifies as hate speech?  Who molested Corey Feldman?  What adds did Russians promote on Facebook?  Is Louis C.K. really that bad?  Are medical marijuana states in trouble? […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: 9/23/17

Published on September 23, 2017 By The Boro Djs

Back for another Saturday night of dope music, it’s the Boro DJs Show. Falling through with a whole crate of treats, you have MightyL on the One’s and Two’s. “Sending you into the night…right” is the motto. And you better belive that’s the game plan for tonight’s get down.”L” will be spinning all things Hip […]


Published on August 12, 2017 By The Boro Djs

Going down tonight on the Boro. We dive into the grooves of the AFROBEAT. Ras One joins us once again to lay down a funky two hour set of the sound that James Brown started and Fela continued. The party pop’s off tonight at 6pm(pst) on FccFreeRadio.com studio 2B. Down load the “Tunein Radio app […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: 5/27/17

Published on May 27, 2017 By The Boro Djs

School is in season party people! On todays show, Ras One slides through to educate masses. Boom-Bap lovers, producers and sample junkies. This is a must listen. Todays musical lecture focuses on the 70’s Jazz scene. After 1967, jazz artist became bored with playing Hard-Bop jazz. Looking outward to other genres of music. They infused […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: Spending X-Mas wit The Godfather Of Soul

Published on December 24, 2016 By The Boro Djs

Happy holidays party people. This Christmas eve we funk it up with the hardest working man in showbiz: James Brown. MightyL will be in the mix tonight, bang’n out them joints to get you moving. The fun all pop’s off tonight starting at 6pm(pst) in the world famous studio 2B on FccFreeRadio.com or download the […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: The P-Funk Show pt.1

Published on December 3, 2016 By The Boro Djs

Today on the this special collaboration  with The B-Side Mikey Show. The Boro goes deeeeeep into the P-Funk vaults and brings out the heat. MightyL will be spinning every thing Parliament. The first hour he will dive into some Digital Underground to set it off. Followed up in the second hour with the main event….P-Funk. […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: Another Funky Ride

Published on October 29, 2016 By The Boro Djs

The Boro Djs set out every week to bring you the sounds your ear’s drums are waiting for. Playing any and everything from Hip Hop to Rock. Jazz to Punk. Soul to Salsa. Good music is good music. So join your host MightyL and the rest of the Family as they embark on a funky […]


Published on October 22, 2016 By The Boro Djs

Back for another hot show, it’s the Boro. This week MightyL digs into his 45 stash and puts together another dope mix. From Jazz to Rock, you’ll never know what might jump off tonight. Sending you and yours into these streets with the sound track is what we do best. So tune in tonight starting […]

THE BORO DJs SHOW: 70’s Fushion

Published on September 17, 2016 By The Boro Djs

Back with a new show of goodness, the Boro brings you 70’s Jazz/fushion funk. MightyL with the help of Ras One dive in tonight to that time in Jazz where the boundaries expanded beyond the simple 4/4 measure. Groups like Weather Report, Miles Davis, Herbbie Hancock & the Headhunters and Donald Byrd began to explore […]

UNEEK RADIO Season 1 EP.8 “PUMP IT OR DUMP IT” 8.30.16

Published on August 30, 2016 By April Valenzuela

Tonight on UNEEK RADIO!! Dj Kween Uneek decided to have a couple of “Special Guest” to come through the world famous Studio 2B to listen to some songs from artists who have submitted their music from previous episodes of the show to be judged on whether Uneek Radio should “Pump it or Dump It?”. She […]


Published on January 9, 2016 By The Boro Djs

Back to send you into the night….RIGHT, it’s the BORO! Starting the year off in a frenzy, MightyL brings the heat as always. Spinning originals, samples and the funk. He’ll set the one’s and two’s a blaze. Right from the start, we’ll dive into some rare Funk and new Hip Hop of 2016. Fleezion aka […]


Published on November 28, 2015 By The Boro Djs

Say’n “WHAT UP!” to the world, and saying peace to all party people. It’s the Boro DJs back to send you and yours into the night right. Playing that heat to warm you up on the internet/air waves. MightyL, Fleezion and the rest of the team are back in studio 2B this eve, ready to […]

THE BORO DJs: INDIE-Pendence Day

Published on September 19, 2015 By The Boro Djs

Rock’n from the world famous studio 2B on FccFreeradio.com. The Boro DJs delivers another dope show today. The first hour we dive into a slew of new music from indie artist such as: Apollo Brown, Wordsworth, Verbal Kent, Supastition and others to name a few. The second hour brings us into the sound of some […]

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