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Lilycat on Stuff – musical harm reduction

Published on December 22, 2018 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello sweeties This Sunday we will have Pauli Gray- musician (Candy from Strangers) and harm deduction activist with the SF Needle exchange. So, we will listen to some music and learn about how to take better care of yourselves and others. Lilycat on StuffSunday 12-2PM PSTStudio 1-A http://media.blubrry.com/fccfreeradio/p/www.fccfreeradio.com/archive/lilycat%20on%20stuff/lilycat_previous_2018-12-30_13-55-05.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (105.1MB) […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Do no harm…

Published on April 8, 2017 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello sweeties Sunday – 9th, we will have the a some to harm reduction and doing harm to none (Give respect to get respect)… It will be full of whacky music and even whacker rants…I will help you with your health and manners…. Sundays – Lilycat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM http://media.blubrry.com/fccfreeradio/p/www.fccfreeradio.com/archive/lilycat%20on%20stuff/lilycat_previous_2017-04-16_13-55-06.mp3Podcast: […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Well, spank my butt & some events

Published on September 20, 2014 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday – I’m off volunteering all day for Folsom Street fair. List to a podcast – there is a whole list of shows at: Sunday – Lily cat on Stuff – 1 A studio -12 -2PM http://FCCFREERADIO.com/ http://www.lilycat.com/radioshows.html http://media.blubrry.com/fccfreeradio/p/fccfreeradio.com/shows/lilycat/live/lilycat_show.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (107.8MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Harm Reduction

Published on May 24, 2014 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday ….we will have on the show – Micah Hobbes Frazier – a wonderful counselor and educator. Listen in and you will learn some skills and tips on living a healthier (Mind, body, and spirit) and more balanced life without having to completely say bye bye to every vice…. Sunday (5/25 – […]

Lilycat on Stuff – Healthy Sexuality vs Wounding Sexuality

Published on September 7, 2013 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello Sweeties This Sunday… Francesca Gentille ( Relationship & Intimacy Counselor, KAP, & Sacred Sexuality Educator) will talk with us about ‘Healthy Sexuality vs Wounding Sexuality (to yourself or others) How do you know? How do you get help?’ and ‘ Finding your Life Purpose & Rocking It!’ and more… And will play music that only fits […]

Dominatrixes, a Sexy Circus, wiki-porn, and $elf-empowerment for sexperts

Published on July 29, 2011 By admin

You’ll hear dominatrixes Liliane Hunt & Ripplee on how they like to withy their human animals like puppies, foxes, wolves and cats, plus the excruciating “magic” of a violet wand, & how they LOVE their ever-so-willing victims with pain. “If they are wearing a gag, how can they tell you the collar is too tight?” […]

Lilycat on Stuff -I’m so called crazy week/ life – 4/10/11

Published on April 9, 2011 By Lilycat on Stuff

Hello sweeties This Sunday – 4/10/11 on Lilycat on Stuff – So my life and last week in particular is bat shit crazy … But I have learned a lot from the craziness and am going to share it with you all..cause then you can have sanity and knowledge… Cool right… Last week had some […]

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